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About MediaChance
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MediaChance (trade name) is a privately owned Canadian Corporation with offices in Ottawa and provides users with easy-to-use, original, multimedia, video, DVD authoring and graphic solutions since 1999. Currently Mediachance has an extensive portfolio of well received graphics windows applications. Our latest products include Dynamic Auto Painter, Dynamic Photo HDR, Photo-Reactor and Photo Blend 3D. After fifteen years of successful development for Windows platform Mediachance also added development for MAC OSX and iPhone/iPad. OEM Distribution While we are specializing in direct on-line sales and delivery, we also gladly work with OEM and software distributors.  Here are some examples:


Japanese version of DVD-lab, included Box, CD and full Japanese manual
Becker DRAW was sold in 7 European countries
DVD-lab was included with Pioneer DVR-A07XL (for Australian market)
Real-Draw PRO as a part of PHOTO IMPACT PRO 13
Examples of BeckerDRAW as sold in Spain, Holland and France (SuperDraw)
Other items such as books (Webgrafik Designer in Germany) and many cover- mount UK magazines DVD-lab was also sold in UK by Pure- Motion. the makers of Edit Studio. EditStudio was later acquired by Mediachance.
Interesting facts Roman Voska (a.k.a. Oscar) is the founder of Mediachance. He is also the principal designer of all Mediachance products. Our first released product under Mediachance label was Multimedia Builder (aka MMB) Our second product was CompactDraw. We worked closely with pegasys- inc, the well known Japanese maker of TMPGenc Mediachance acquired assets of PureMotion, the UK maker of video editing application Our EU developers were former employees from Caligari Truespace (now Microsoft) We now develop all the software exclusively in Canada. Dynamic Photo HDR was given an award for outstanding product of 2008 by Popular Photography.
All our applications are originals developed in-house (not all are shown)