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Version 5.2 / 22/12/2017 Fix for occasional crash when using mouse Newest Reactor Library to correspond to the current Photo Reactor Batch process enhancements: o Now the batch is remembered across sessions o You can disable files in batch and they will be skipped o It will keep track which files had been processed and you can abort and then resume o In case of crash the batch will remember which file was processed last and can resume o it will correctly skip faulty file
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Dynamic Auto Painter

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Dynamic Auto Painter for Windows Vista, 7, 8, 10
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Version 5.2  (x64)
What’s new in version 5
Nested Variations for presets Each preset can now have large number of nested variations and for this version we added a lot of them, in total more than 100 presets and variations. It seamlessly works with the Template editor where instead of creating new preset you can simply spawn a new variation. New File management Saving or modifying presets is now done in user files and the new manager keeps track of what templates were modified and allows “rolling back” to factory settings. Brand new Super-Layer system with huge number of effects The new layer system allows you to apply infinite number of tweaks to the painted image, together with mixing various stages of painting together. Large Pre-rendered previews for presets With the numerous new variations it would be hard to judge the style from the tiny thumbnail so now each preset and variations shows pre-rendered large preview when you hover your mouse above the preset. You can easily set your own painted image as preview as well. Batch Processing Set it and let it run overnight! One of the most requested feature, now in two flavors: Single style can be applied to a folder full of images or you can process a single image with many different styles. Reactor Effects now with more parameters Yo can now access more reactor internal parameters dirrectly from DAP. There are about 150 prepared complex reactor effects to be used in your new painting styles and variations. (You can use and adjust all the factory supplied effects without having Photo-Reactor installed, but in order to create new effects you need to have Photo-Reactor)
And of course many other additions and improvements, too many to list…
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Batch Processing
Access to more Reactor parameters
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