CompactDraw Basics

Masking Bitmap

Masking Bitmap is similar process to cropping except the Bitmap object doesn't change the size. Instead the Bitmap transparency will be masked.

There are two types:

The masking Bitmap is a great way how to make an unwanted part of the Bitmap transparent.
You can make the mask object semitransparent so you will see through it.

1. Draw any object (we will cal it a mask) on the Bitmap. Make the mask semitransparent so you can see the Bitmap behind it.
2. You can reshape the mask with a shape tool to match your desired shape.
3. Select both object and use Mask-From Object
4. Move the mask to see the Bitmap,

The Masking unlike the Crop keeps both objects and it doesn't alter the Bitmap.

You can reset the Masking by using Reset All from menu Bitmap or clicking at button

Inverse masking

The same as a masking except the unwanted are is behind the mask object, not around it.

Use: Mask-From Object Inverted