CompactDraw is a powerful and unique combination of vector and bitmap editing in one package. It allows creation of flexible vector graphics with natural organic feel of bitmap textures, shadows, lights, transparencies and bevels. All in real time.
The basic concept behind CompactDraw is that you draw,edit and combine your shapes, text and other objects as in vector drawing packages. However each object has its own bitmap properties as a color, texture, transparency, many 3d effects, bevels or casting shadows. The objects have smooth edges and the feel of bitmap image or rendered scene.
Use Compact Draw to design Multimedia interfaces, Web Art, Logos, Buttons, Illustrations and much, much more. Because everything is editable all the time, you don't have to recreate the graphics again and again from scratch just to change small thing.

Compact Draw integrates with Multimedia Builder. You can create functional buttons and graphics all in CompactDraw and then export it to MBD file.

CompactDraw can save you lots of time whatever is your primary task and working with it is fun!

What Can I do ?

Web Art - you can do anything from Web banners and logos to buttons or other art. You can create vivid graphics with cool effects like drop shadow or glow. Also you can chose from zillions of procedural textures and color washes.

Multimedia Interfaces - you can create lifelike multimedia interfaces. With Multimedia extension you can assign to each object three different looks - normal, highlighted and pushed. Then you can export each frame to separate bitmap file or direct export to Multimedia Builder.

Design Logos - you can be creative. With ability to edit text the same way as the paths you can make changes in the font itself. Use Transparency Textures to define interesting semitransparent surfaces.

Rendered-like surfaces, buttons and controls - The Texture mixing, 3D Lighting and Effects are so realistic than you can create images with real feel of stones, metals etc... There are hundreds of predefined natural textures in the library and you can add your own.
Bitmaped graphics - Apply the same effects on your bitmaps, create transparencies, bevels or warp image. Create cool graphics with your pictures or create tutorials with screen captures. (Yes CompactDraw can capture screen region or window as well!)
Digital Art - Feather and Transparencies helps you create unbeliavable digital art. See the image on the left in full size It was created using 37 objects and 11 textures. It was done on a Compaq notebook without the mouse (with the touchpad).
Illustrations - Bevels are great for creating fantastic illustrations. Mix-in some simple textures and you make an Air-Brush like art. With CompactDaraw you can make changes anytime (which you can't do with air-brush). The video camera illustration has 90 objects and 9 textures. See the full image here.
Technical Illustrations - CompactDraw has many unique tools, one of them is a Color Shift which allows you to make a global color changes with just click of a button. The phone has around 80 objects. See the full image here.

*The graphics images above as well as all graphics in this manual were created exclusively with CompactDraw. There was absolutely no other software used.