Screen Capture

One of the little-big helper in CompactDraw is the ability to capture screen region or window.
There are three buttons on the bottom toolbar for screen capture. The first is the switch to hide the CompactDraw window before capturing.

The second is Region Capture. After a second when you press this button a red cross hair will appear on the screen allowing you to select a region you would like to capture. After you select that region the image will be directly transferred to the CompactDraw.

The third is a Window capture. This option allows you to capture the window or windows control without the work to select the region with cross-hair. As you move around your screen you will see the windows under the cursor will be highlighted. In Windows terminology the windows is also any defined object for example a button or a list box. Even simple window many times consist of the main window with the header text and a client window which lies on the top of it. With the Window capture you can precisely capture windows and objects. Great for making a tutorial.