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Dynamic Auto Painter

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Version 5.2

 DAP Cafe, largest repository for user created templates for Dynamic Auto Painter. Maintained by users from DAP forum on MMBforums

 DAP Users forum official forum for DAP users. Visit Members Paintings topic to see hundreds of pages of DAP examples

 PDF: AOP Template creation, compiled from various user posts.

 DAP Flickr pool, few thousands of user created images

DAP café Dynamic Auto Painter Template Repository Flickriver:  Most interesting photos from  Dynamic Auto Painter Flickr Pool
Licence is valid for both MAC and Windows version

How to edit Reactor Effects inside Photo Reactor


A brief step-by step guide how to edit effects inside Photo Reactor. Will give you the absolute basics of editing and creating your own effects and creating VFBOX virtual effect that can be used in DAP 5 and Reactor Player.

Windows 7, 8, 10
DAP 5.2.2b  (OSX 10.6+)
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Please test the MAC version on your computer before purchase Updates: DAP 5.2.2b.dmg See Notes & History