DVD Menu Studio

Supported Applications

DVD Menu Studio supports all the most common professional applications:

Note: Besides these there is also a generic export where you can choose the type of output.

Each of these applications have its own specifics and type of menus that can be created:

Impression DVD-Pro
Both Subpicture (in Impression called Hilite) and Still Show (in Impression called True-Color) menus are supported. The result from the DVD Menu Studio is a single PSD file which when imported into Impression DVD-Pro directly forms the Hilite or True-Color menu with hotspots and auto-routing.
Also optionally you can make a healthy mix - Subpicture type menu with the underlaid Buttons. This allows you to later reposition the items directly in Impression DVD-Pro.

The result will be one PSD file with both the background and Subpicture layers. Also a palette file will be exported along. Unfortunately since DVDMaestro doesn't have a special file format for menus, the hotspots and auto-routing can't be exported. But after importing the PSD file it is easy - just draw the hotspots, load palette and click aouto-routing. Optionaly a series of images can be exported for making the still show menus.

The result will be one PSD. This file carry also information about the hotspots so after importing it to ReelDVD the buttons and auto-routing will be automatically created. Optionally you can export the menu as background and separate subpicture.

The result will be one a scenarist script which carry all the informations about buttons, hotspots and also auto-routing. That means if you create new project in scenarist from this script file all will be prepared for you. Also additional Letterbox overlay will be created if you use 16:9 ratio.

The result will be one background and a PSD file containing all the buttons. If you use 16:9 all will be letterboxed and buttons properly resized. In DVDit you simply load the background and then place the buttons whenever you want.

Generic Export
This combines all the above, you can export PSD or BMP file, still meu, still sequence or sequence of transparent PNG's. In many other applications you may be able to use these files.

Note: Many low-cost authoring packages for home users have pre-canned menus in form of templates or themes. They usually have no or very little ability to import anything else. DVD Menu Studio was designed for the professional applications where creating menus is a creative process.

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