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Novel Writing Application

Create an unlimited amount of AI assistants from any of the author’s work (it could be also your own work) Synthetize author’s own thesaurus, cross-referenced to modern terms. You don’t have to speak Shakespeare to get his words for your writing! All you need to do is load the author’s text and AI assistant will do the rest. Cool Bonus: The synthetized thesaurus does not contain the author's work, hence it could be shared without breaking copyright Instantly see suggested words and examples sorted into verbs, adjectives, nouns, adverbs Dynamic Word Cloud will let you see an overview of the vocabulary of each author with all the words fully linked not just by similarities, but also by proximity (for example which words would the author use before your word) All dictionaries are fully editable. Add, change or remove any entries The software is completelly OFF-LINE. You can use it on an island without internet.

Get totally Inspired

The software is a work in progress. Currently, it is being made. It will be ready when it will be ready.


Being able to instantly look at example of other’s people writing and choice of words seemed like an interesting idea. And in Mediachance, that’s all we need. A lot of coffees later and the software is starting to shape up.
Totally is totally over-used
Offline Thesaurus (Yeah, no distracting internet needed) As you type, the Assistant will suggest the words used in the authors work. All your planning and writing ideas in one fully customizable project Define your own over-used words and then don’t over use them! Examples how the author uses that word or word structure in their work
You've probably heard the term distraction-free writing. That is not our software. Our software is all about inspiration and giving you ideas. Constantly and in a big style.

Distraction free? Oh, please.

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Where we are with it?

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Mark your text for further editing, or have someone else mark it for you.
Jane Austen is your  personal AI assistant now!
These are words associated with the word “house” in the author’s work.

Paint with author’s own words

Features you haven’t seen elsewhere

Unlimited Author’s Thematic and Time period Dictionaries

As with our Dynamic Painter that gives you an impression of a painter's style, we wanted to create a similar experience for writers. Any author can be used as your AI Assistant, giving you their own vocabulary palette and word structure at your fingertips.
Load AI Assistant (Let’s say Jane Austen) and then start writing. As you type, the assistant will suggest words, ideas and examples that are typical for the author’s work. Mimic Writer gives you a real-time instant view of another author's writing as you write your own. Select the Assistant whose work you admire or want to sound like and you will soon pick up the words and style.
Every author has their own vocabulary and style, much like every painter has a preferred color palette and brush stroke. You can enter a word into an online thesaurus and get hundreds of results, but which would Jane Austen use? Or Arthur Conan Doyle? Or Dick Francis? Or a modern author? Inspire Writer's ability to synthesize each author's own, fully cross-referenced thesaurus is one of its many amazing features. Now you will get results of the words that the author would use not what the Internet thinks are a good synonyms.
It is obvious that Jane Austen didn't like the word ugly

(although her AI assistant will tell you she

used it twice in Sense and Sensibility),

However she loved words such as vile,

repulsive, uncouth…

With the Word Cloud, you can dive deep into the author’s word palette. Just click into a word to discover new related words, then dig deeper.
Mimic Writer gives you access to an unlimited number of Thematic and Author’s dictionaries. This makes all the difference in how you view the words. Our thesaurus shows you synonyms used in the specific genre or time period. And you are not relying on our choice. You can create your own. Just have the software look at a few books from the genre or time period, and Mimic Writer will crunch the words and create your very own thematic thesaurus that will give you only the right suggestions.
It is the same word, but worlds apart, depending on the theme or time period.
This thesaurus was derived from modern sci-fi books.
This thesaurus was created from Jane Austen books
with Impressionist soul
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