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Image Browser

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File -> Browser

Photo-Brush has a build-in very fast Image Browser. It will let you see directories of images on your disk or even on your digital camera in thumbnail image format. It shows JPG and RAW preview.


To scroll the thumbnails use scroll wheel or click anywhere on the thumbnails and drag the window.

You can also use Page Up, Page Down, End and Home keys.

To open the image, just double-click on it.

To scroll the folder tree use scroll wheel or click anywhere on the tree and drag it.

On the bottom of the browser is optional Favorites bar.

Note: you can have the browser open during editing. You can open more than one browser.

Tip: To refresh browser window press F5

Favorites Bar
To add folder to Favorites, right click on already selected folder in the Folder Tree.


The Favorites will be added to the bottom of the browser:


To move to the folder in Favorites, simply click on the item at the bottom. To remove item from Favorites, right click on it.