PhotoSEAM is unique full featured image editor for creating seamless photo realistic textures and tiles from digital photographs, images or creating them by drawing.

Why is PhotoSEAM unique:
To create a seamless tileable texture from real digital images was never an easy task in any of the current image editors. It also takes a lot of time and knowledge to create professional texture.
PhotoSEAM is an image editor build around the idea of seamless textures.

It has the feel of image editor but the major difference between PhotoSEAM and any other editor is that your result is always seamless and perfectly tileable.
And you see it always on screen.

With all the special tools you can create unique texture from photos in just minutes. With many amazing brushes and textures you can draw amazing seamless texture
in seconds..

PhotoSEAM is the perfect tool for:

PhotoSEAM uses a similar interface as Photo-Brush, the award winning general purpose Image editor. If you are familiar with Photo-Brush, you are already familiar with PhotoSEAM interface.

However, everything you paint, clone or retouch became automatically seamless and you immediately see the result.

Beside standard paint brushes, you will find a strong set of tools for photo retouch, where you can remove or add part of the images and tiles with rubber stamp, use brushes to directly paint various effects like contrast, sharpen, boost, or use red-eye or scratches removing tool. With Texture Pick tool you can even pick-up a part of the image and use it for texture painting.

Another set of brushes are for special effects where you can brush-in emboss effect, age the photo, shift color or paint a glass effects. Then you can add sparkles or beautiful lens flare.

PhotoSEAM has not only many build-in effects and filters, but it also supports Adobe compatible plug-ins. There are hundreds of commercial or free filters available on the internet. PhotoSEAM can use the plug-ins from any directory of your computer (or even network), so it could share and use the filters installed in other graphics programs.
There is also added support for special plug-ins called Extras. Extras can be anything - from image manipulation to export to different formats. There are already few PB Extras available on the home site.

PhotoSEAM supports most of the scanners using the TWAIN interface. It also supports 32 bit film scanners.

PhotoSEAM is also excellent texture painting program. It has more than hundred unique brushes, from standard brushes, pen and airbrush to artistic brushes simulating oil colors, painting ropes, pipes or sparkles. You can paint not only with color, but also with texture or clone existing image by using artistic brush.
As all the best painting programs PhotoSEAM also supports pressure sensitive graphics tablets. With pressure sensitive tablet you can control the intensity of the brush which is especially great for artistic brushes.

PhotoSEAM has also image hose function, which can spray flowers, trees, lego blocks, coins, foot-steps and many more nice effects on your image. You can even set up the nozzle to colorize the spray images.

For adjusting images you have all the necessary tools to change Contrast, Brightness, Auto Enhance image, change the Levels adjust Curves, Gamma, color balance, saturation, hue, sharpen image and more...

The best is that PhotoSEAM comes as a shareware, so you can try this fine tool for yourself. And if you like it you will like the price even more.