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Add a point to existing Shape

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Real-DRAW Basics

Add a point to existing Shape

addtopath Select tool Add Point to Path


With the Add Point to Path you can add a point in an existing path or Polynome. With this tool you have to click on the edge of the object, on the exact spot where you would like to have a new point. By holding the button and dragging the mouse, you will expand the Path handles from that point.

buletwhNote: The path is a simple object created with basic tools - it has one shape. On the other hand Polynome is a complex object, it can have more than one path inside -holes or islands. A typical example of Polynome is a text. Real-Draw will convert between these two types whenever it is necessary.

Adding an Island to Polynome.

As you read in the basics, there are Paths and Polynomes. You always start working with Paths. Later you can convert a Path or Text to a Polynome.

Polynomes can have a Hole or Island - a detached closed 'path' inside or beside another one in one integrated object.

To add an island to the Polynome, you have to hold the SHIFT key when you click anywhere inside or outside the selected object.

Example - Add an island.


1. With the Circle tool create a circle.

2. Select the circle and from menu: Object - select: Convert to Polynome. The bounding rectangle will change the color from light blue to dark green, signaling that the object is now a Polynome.

3. Now click the Add Point to Path tool addtopath, and the selected circle will show the Path points

4. Hold down the SHIFT key, click inside the circle, then release the mouse

5. Now with the Shape tool, move the Path handles.

Note: the Polynome doesn't keep the end point with the start point - you can separate them, creating a line between them.

You can add more points to the outer or inner path of the object, again, with the Add Point to path tool.

buletwhNote: The island is always in reverse. If you cross two islands, you get the combination of both.

The next chapter Combine Objects show you much easier method how to add Holes, Islands or simply manipulate a shape.