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3D Lights & Material - Tips for using it

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3D Lights & Material - Tips for using it

The 3D Lights can be applied to any object - path, text, bitmap or Package.

Use lights with Bevels

You can use a 3D light instead of the default bevel light. The 3D light can be adjusted with more accuracy, and it also simulates, more precisely, the real life situation. And you are of course able to put more than one light in any direction, and in any color.


Above is simple Flat bevel with 2 lights, yellow from left top and red from bottom right. The object color was originally blue.

Use Light with Textures and 3D option


Lights works especially well with textures, and 3D options, to create a bump mask (see Color Properties).


It is quite easy to create a realistic metallic or plastic surface with just one or two lights, some texture and a bevel.


Below is a combination of all the methods used together, with which you can simply create a fantastic, rendered-like world, full of textures, metals and materials.


No wonder we call it a Real-DRAW!

Use lights to create feel of curvature

The 3D Lights could be often used as a way to express the curvature of the surface without actually using any bevels or any special objects.


Such methods were used in the above camera example.

Use lights to create light reflections on glass


Using the Lens Effects, and lights creates realistic glass effects.

What other options I have?


You can also simulate interesting spotlight effects by using the Transparency Blend Modes. Create a simple object, add a feather effect and set the Transparency Blend Mode to Soft Light. Now the object will behave as a soft light source. The light will depend on the color of the object.