Simple Autorun Menu

This is very simple project. Something like Your First Autorun in 5 minutes.

Imagine this- you are going to create autorun menu for a company called Image Traveller.

The Product - Adventure Traveler is some program which you already have developed.

Lets do it.
First run MMB. :-)

We would like to have the size of autorun 470 x 300. Why? Your boss told you so..
So lets go to Set the Project Settings.
GO to Menu Project and select General Settings. or click this button |
We will set the size Width 470 and Height 300. Into the Window Title we put Adventure Traveller.

We don't want to have the window Caption, we would like to have a bit different look than standard window so we un-check Standard window and We check Client Border. The settings should look like this:

That's fine, press OK.

Caption and Close Button
Since we will not have the window caption, we will create one by our own.
On the toolbar on the left click the Rectangle button (Fill Rectangle) and draw the rectangle over the top of the frame - where the caption bar should be. The rectangle is red, doubleclick on it and select black color from the Fill. Now the workplace should look like on the picture right:

Well turning Standard window off we don't have the close button ! Lets make one. On the top toolbar find the Wizard. and click on it. It will open small menu with some predefined objects. We select 'Insert Close Button' and it will add a small close button on our workspace to the left side. Move the button to the right part of our black caption.

Caption Text: Click on the text tool on the left. Place the text on the black rectangle. You see nothing - the text is black. Double-click on it if you remember where you drop it or look at the Object list in right and double-click on the Text item.
Set the Color in only one enabled Color combo-box to White.
Now click on Font and select font - I used Arial 11, Bold - because I am sure everyone will have arial on his computer. Close the properties and now you should see the text.

Feature Image
We chose some nice picture from our 65000 clipart collection. We make it in Photoshop 270x270 pixels and apply some effects. The image is here in full size.
From the tool on the left find the Bitmap tool. Click on it and position the image on the middle of your workspace. From the Open file dialog box select the image file. Open it and then move it to the right side of the workspace.
We have 50% done !

The Action Text
Now the funniest part. Click again the Text Tool and place the text on the workspace. Double click on it to open Properties. In the edit place type Install AT 1.0
This will be Active Object so check 'Enable Actions'. If you do so you will se the all 3 color combo boxes are enabled. I select the Normal - red, The Mouse Over - bright Red and the Click - leave Red. (but you can make your own color combination) I also set the font to Arial, 16, Bold. Close the Properties. Now make 3 other Text Objects like that, or just simply copy (Ctrl C) and Paste (Ctrl V). The others are Install DirectX, View Readme and Go To AT Web.

Now we have to assign to each Text Object the Action.
double-click on the Install AT 1.0 to open the properties. Look at the 4 big buttons on the bottom. For us is interesting the Left one 'External Commands and Page Actions' Click on it.
You are on the EC&PA dialog box. From the top combo-box select Run Program and in the Command write <SrcDir>\AT10\setup.exe (Remember the requirements from the top of this page?)
Now do the same for the Install DirectX but Command will be: <SrcDir>\directx\dxsetup.exe
What is <SrcDir> ? The path to the player. You cannot write D:\directx\dxsetup.exe because you might have CD on D: but other people don't. The <SrcDir> will take care of that.

For the View Readme you select again Run Program but in the command you write just <SrcDir>\readme.txt
This should launch the proper viewer (notepad.exe) assigned with the txt extension on user system.

For the Go To AT Web we select Browse Web this time and in the Command we write (just to have some existing web page).

That's it.
Now go to Project - Check & Distribute, Select Standard player and check Stand Alone and 'Locate' it to your temp Master CD place on disk for example C:\MasterCD. Then manually copy the readme.txt there, the directory AT10 (D:\MasterCD\AT10\...) with all your setup files and the 'directx' directory with DirectX setup.

And Burn CD!!! (But test it before !)

You can see the full picture here.