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Text-to-Speech in Multimedia

Multimedia Builder from version 3.2 will support Microsoft TTS engine.
You can let your application read any Text Object, Paragraph or just simple say words and phrases.

MMB is one of the first Multimedia Authoring tools supporting Text-to-Speech.

TTS is be supported using following commands:

Install MS Text-to-Speech Engine from specified path.
The command first test the system if such installation is needed.
If user doesn't have TTS engine installed on his system, MMB will very fast install it. You have to just put the TTS exe file on your CD and the rest is very fast and automatic.
If you planning to use TTS in your program for distribution you should call this on the beginning of the program. If user already has TTS engine, the comand will continue with no delay.

Initialize TTS engine. This could take a few seconds on slow computer so the best place is to put it on the beginning of the program after InstallTTS command.

Say the text.The TTS engine must be installed and Initialized.

Speak the text of any object which has text : Text Object, Paragraph Object, Button.
The TTS engine must be Installed and Initialized.

Stop what TTS is currently saying.

Pause what TTS is currently saying, you can resume it by ResumeTTS command

Resume paused speech.

The Pitch of the voice. (Frequency Hz) Between 50 - 200, default is 100

The Speed of the voice. (Words/minute) Between 30 - 450, default is 150