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Windows 7,8,10 (20MB)
US $49
UltraSnap PRO BETA - Latest BETA: (4.9.1) 06/05/2020 UltraSnap has been currently our longest running code in our arsenal going as back as 20 years. After years of great service (and with the current “Stay At Home” free time), it was finally the time to fully rebuild it with brand new code base. The version 4.9 is a complete update of the entire code for modern compiler and using newest graphic libraries (and it wasn’t easy!). The version 4.9 is entirely 1:1 based on all features of version 4.8.3
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The main notable difference with the new build is that it now automatically supports UNICODE text so you can add text in any of the foreign characters such as Russian, Japanese or Chinese. The new graphic library is now multithreaded which will speed up some operations.
While the application looks and works the same, there were literally hundreds of manual code changes and it is quite impossible to test every single function. In general most of the big stuff was tested and it works without issues - but we will only know after some time for all. You can use either 4.8.3 or beta 4.9 - whichever you prefer and they both work with the same registration. You can’t however have both on the same time, so you need to remove or overwrite the other one. Installing and uninstalling can be done as many times as you want and the applications will keep the settings.
This BETA may have small bugs or issues - if you find something that doesn’t work in 4.9 but worked in 4.8, let us know it is likely a small issue that can be corrected easily.
4.9.1 - fixes: drag image to UltraSnap, Export 4 bit BMP
We will be periodically updating the beta until we are confident it is all in order and then release it as 4.9 full release.
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