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Dynamic Photo-HDR is a next generation High Dynamic Range Photo Software with Anti-Ghosting, HDR Fusion and Unlimited Effects


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Dynamic Photo HDR (Windows)
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Dynamic Photo HDR

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Version 6.02 Build 4/25/2017

Powerful alignment and deghosting tools for high-dynamic-range generation, six tone mappers, plus lots of postproduction adjustments make MediaChance's Dynamic Photo HDR a real winner for HDR imaging.


Popular Photography Award for Outstanding Product
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Create magical scenes from ordinary images


Image by Virgelio Carpio
From the Mediachance sponsored exhibition "Solitude in New York City”, 556 Fifth Avenue, New York
Large on-line Community with more than 37,500 fantastic photos
Our Software is used by thousands of very talented photographers from around the world. Get Inspired by visiting the FLICKR Dynamic-PHOTO HDR pool with more than 37,500 images. Many photos are truly inspirational!
Thank you guys!!! 37,500+ DPHDR Photos
Our Software has been featured in the Jack Howard’s book Practical HDRI
37,500+ DPHDR Photos Dynamic-PHOTO HDR Photos by the DPHDR Community

“Not only is DPHDR one of the more affordable free-standing High Dynamic Range and Tonemapping titles, it is also powerful enough to warrant serious consideration for the HDRI photographer.”


JACK HOWARD for Popular Photography

2 x faster
What’s new in DPHDR

DPHDR6 software goes far beyond the HDR tone-mapping task. Instead it is now a fully mature graphical workbench that can as easily work with a single image as well as with multiple bracketing shots

Version 6 interface has been fully redesigned. The software has consistent, step based GUI and it is fully 64-bit
New Interface
Version 5 was fast. This new version is more than 2-times faster. You will be amazed how the new version zooms through the task of creating HDR images.
Fastest version ever
This is where DPHDR6 really shines. All effects are fully dynamic in adjustment layers. You can add textures, masks and create your very own effect flow.
Unlimited Effects and Layers
Every part of the process can be repeated in the new Batch Processing. Just add your images and DPHDR6 will align them and apply all the HDR processing and effects.
Full Batch processing
Enhanced Automatic Ghost removal, Unlimited Undo, Custom Presets, Plug-in SDK (See Photo-Reactor plug-in SDK), Full EXIF copy, EXIF thumbnail overlays and much more.
Many great enhancements
DPHDR6 works equally happy with a single image or a series of bracketed images.
Single Image / Multiple Exposures
Latest Updates: 6.02 -fix for textures not loaded in effect tab
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