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Dynamic Auto Painter (DAP) is not just ordinary photo to painting effect! Instead of changing pixels DAP uses the photo as a reference and then paint with real brush strokes captured from paintings of famous painters such as Van Gogh, Monet, Sargent, Cezanne… to closely recreate and mimic their signature style.
Real Canvas Real Canvas simulates the way a canvas or artistic paper interact with the paint. There is enough details even for a large print.
Create your own Masterpiece What puts our software above others is that the output images resemble painting both up-close and from distance or resized in small screen (for example on Instagram). Never paint the image same way Not only we give you a large variety of painter styles, our in- house developed Style Transfer will always paint the photo a little differently, just like a real artist would.
100 of presets There are many styles from Impressionist painter such as Monet to visual style of Van Gogh, Paul Cezanne, Sargent, Corrot and many great simulation of watercolors, acrylic plus other painting and graphics techniques.
Authentic Palette When you match the right subject with the right technique, the result is often very authentic looking art that search engines and social media would automatically tag as painting.
In a nutshell, Dynamic Auto-Painter not only emulates the technique but also the way different painters would see the same scene
With Dynamic Auto Painter you will learn how to transform a scene from photo intto different artist style and discover what technique works best. As a fine art student, you can get quickly inspired and try various combinations to see what works and what not before you put a paint on a canvas by yourself.
Non-photo realistic look is now popular more than ever in the 3d world, but it is difficult to achieve inside most 3D rendering packages. But there is an easier and much faster solution: post process your rendered images in Dynamic Auto Painter to achieve a completelly different look. Some presets work very well: Try Acry-Real or AZO for watercolor look that works with almost any scene or Monet preset for 3D rendered nature and foliage.
Give your old 3D renderings new life. Many lifeless 3D images can be made instantly more interesting when using some of the Dynamic Auto Painter presets.
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Dynamic Auto Painter

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Version 5.2  (x64)
AZO preset
Dynamic Photo HDR Digitally Signed
Full Version
New! Adobe Photoshop compatible plug-in with 30 Art and Photo effects. Read more… for WINDOWS
This “Cezanne” is actually made with Dynamic Auto Painter! DYNAMIC AUTO PAINTER Explore other users  paintings
Transform your Photos and 3D renderings into authentic art
Upgrade from previous version
If you own version 2,3 or 4
Not just for photos, spice up your 3D Renderings
Used by Teachers and Artists for inspiration
3D rendered scene in Poser
Acry-Real preset
AZO preset
From canvas to authentic palette to the smallest details
New Vincent preset
Monet / Pino
Seurat / Monet
Vincent van Gogh
All paintings on this page were in Dynamic Auto Painter from photos or 3D renderings without using any other software
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From Users around the world
Tom Arah, PC PRO
“Dynamic Auto-Painter delivers brilliantly on its promise of real art in short order”                
“This software could be a nice introduction for anyone wishing to get started with digital painting, learn about the great masters, or both” Paint & Draw Magazine
Monet preset on a 3D rendered scene, no other processing