CompactDraw Basics

Drawing a Shape from scratch

You have two options how to draw a Path from scratch.
The Pencil for drawing free paths and the Make New Path Tool.

With the Pencil you can draw free path. Select the Pencil tool and click where you want to have start point. Do not release the mouse button, just drag the mouse and release the mouse button at the end your desired path.

You can created open or closed Paths. While you drawing, move the mouse back to the Start point and you will see the mouse cursor changes to the black arrow with a square. If you release the mouse cursor at that point the Path will be closed - creating filled shape.
Tip: You can close Path any time from Menu Object - Close Path

Make New Path tool

With this tool you can create Bezier paths by drawing Bezier points.

Select the Make New Path tool and click where you want to have start point. If you release the mouse button right after the click you will draw straight lines. If you hold the button and move the mouse you will draw symmetrical Bezier point.

To stop drawing the Path use one of the following:

  • Double-click on the point where you want to finish.
  • Click with the Right mouse button on the point where you want to finish
  • Move the mouse over the start point and click - this will create the object as a closed path.

Note: You can't add point to existing object with the Pencil nor Make new Path tools. For that we have Add Point to Path tool.

You can change the width of a line of open path with the: slide.