CompactDraw Basics

Bitmap Object

This tool allows you to add a Bitmap object from a file

Click on the Bitmap button and then click anywhere on the Canvas. The open dialog box will appear and you can select a Bitmap file.
CompactDraw will temporally store the Bitmap in its original size. You can resize the Bitmap as you want and the object will be updated from the original image.
This is temporary, the Bitmap will be resized to its final size after you do one of the following

If the Bitmap was from a file you can even after changes were applied reload the original Bitmap from file by using command Update From Original from menu Bitmap.

With the selection tool you can resize and move the Bitmap.
With the shape tool you can change the Envelope of the Bitmap

There are other ways how to create Bitmap object:
- Paste Bitmap from the clipboard
- Using Screen Capture Tool embedded in CompactDraw