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The current version is PRE-Release This means it is better than Beta as testing has been done on multiple computers, but there could be still minor issues and annoyances that would be addressed in upcoming days. In PRE-RELEASE state we will be updating the software very frequently (sometimes daily)
Version: (the last six digits indicate the date of compile) Installation doesn’t asks anymore if you want for all users or you only and makes all users as default . This should install it in Program Files, rather than in AppData as before when you choose to install it for you account only Fix: Create new Project now remembers if you change the default Project folder to somewhere else Usability fix: In case of writing permissions issues, the software should tell you that it can’t create files, not pretend to continue New: Readibility check, highlights sentences that are hard to read (yellow and red) plus settings to change the threshold for each
Version: (the last six digits indicate the date of compile) Known Issues: software could be installed such way that it will have no permission to write files, however it may not display error (but it still won’t be usable as you can’t see any text documents) Create new Project doesn’t remember if you change the default Project folder, next time it will revert back to Document Files
Note: if you don’t see new items in the menu Spelling & Highlights, you need to reset your menu bar: Right click on the menu, select Customize. Go to “Menu” tab and press Reset on the CQuill Text menu
Added TTR (Time to read) metrics in the status bar Updated Unified Thesaurus with 20k new entries so we should now call it 120K Lexicon & spellcheck updated with thousands of entries Jane Austen Dictionary updated Introduction project updated
Known issues Save project has no shortcut accelerator in some instances plot board and character board may not save (recent image or a plot card would vanish)
Version: (the last six digits indicate the date of compile) A bit more frequent saving, some fix for saving character board and plot board (sometimes it didn’t save when switching documents, hopefully this would be a fix) Some more stability checks. CTR+S shortcut for saving projects New Feature: Monkey Novelist - this AI will use the Assistant’s book to complete your sentence. This is more for amusement than anything else (or maybe an inspiration?). Some of the things it writes are so hilarious and even worth posting.
Improved Assistant view, tries to sort the sentences a bit smarter, especially when you enter two or three words in the search box by keeping the most relevant on the top Updated main thesaurus (now it is nearly 130K unique entries) and lexicon with thousands of new entries Updated dictionaries Jane Austen, Mystery, Scientific General, Modern Narrative, each with thousands new entries) Other small things and improvements (like automatic menu reset etc…)
Ctrl+W Monkey adds phrase Ctrl+E Monkey tries to rewrite the last one again
I call it a Monkey Novelist, because it reminds me of monkey stealing a computer and trying to write a novel that sort of sounds like the real thing but it is gibberish. It is very similar to some bots writing nonsense on web sites, pretending to have content.
$0 .00
Version: (the last six digits indicate the date of compile) Added Webp image format Fix: Creating new character or setting will correctly erase the Wordsheet The main thesaurus has now 98-99% of commonly used English words (including slang, archaic, modern and some technical words). The Unique word count increased almost 20K from previous version Lexicon (spell-checker) updated with thousands of entries. All included Thematic Dictionaries were updated to new versions (adding many new entries) Ability to increase font size of Assistant and Thesaurus Other routine fixes and additions.
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