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“Make your videos and images your business
MediaCryptor PRO 3
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Password Protect and Encrypt your personal media

How MediaCryptor differs from the thousands of other security tools?

increased stability of the internal video player when playing corrupted files ability to add animated thumbnails to videos - this can be added automatically or manually from video player. See guide for more info. sort encrypted files by their original name Latest Version 3.01 (21/01/2019) fix for Windows 10 latest update when the application would not start added create file list in menu tools
Quick View and Animated Video Thumbnails (new in v.3)
Fast Thumbnail Preview of Encrypted Images
Build-in Video and Audio Player for Password Protected Files.
Familiar Interface

Single File


MediaCryptor Pros

Whole Disk


Images and videos need to be decrypted to a file in order to view or play them, which is not only inconvenient but it can leave traces on the host computer Large number of tools don’t encrypt the filenames and they let them telegraph the content of the encrypted file to the world
MediaCryptor can preview the images and videos from their encrypted form. Beside the file itself MediaCryptor encrypts the file names as well into a GUID that have nothing common with the file and cannot be traced back to any file type
Files are protected only if they stay on the original encrypted disk If you want to copy or backup the files to NAS or Cloud you need to employ another method As soon as you unlock the disk, the files are viewable to anyone and anything with access to your computer and that includes malware and ransomware
MediaCryptor encrypted files are fully portable and stay encrypted regardless where they are stored on disk, NAS, USB or cloud In MediaCryptor the files always remain locked and encrypted to the outside world even at the same time as you may be viewing them



All files are stored inside one huge encrypted container file It is cumbersome to access, backup or upload such container to cloud or NAS A corruption on small part of the encrypted container will likely destroy many if not all files inside
MediaCryptor files are each encrypted separately and remain separate files that are easy to transfer one by one as normal files MediaCryptor files have an option of recovery block so even if a small part of a file became corrupted, the file can still be recovered

Usual Cons

MediaCryptor can run from USB key. When you purchase the full installation version you will also receive a single file portable version.
(Formerly CrypTEA)

Usual Method

What’ new in version 3

Technical Specs

random seeded double chained industry standard encryption zero dependency on external viewers, it has its own image, video, audio and text viewers build-in zero trace image preview, zero trace text and source code editor secure delete of files supports most typical image formats: JPG, PNG, TIFF, PSD, BMP, GIF supports animated GIFs supports most video and audio formats including FLV, MOV and WEBM ability to add parity block for data recovery Windows 7, 8, 10 tested over 3 years on terrabytes of video and image files
MediaCryptor is a secure video/audio player and image browser that can password protect and view encrypted videos, audio, images and documents
Zero Trace Image Viewer (+Supports animated GIFs)

Make your videos and images your business and your business only

MediaCryptor combines the easy way of strong encrypting and password protecting videos, images and documents with the added convenience of viewing and playing them directly in their encrypted form, which is in a nutshell how it differs from most of other encryption tools.
- and your business only
Version 3.01