PhotoSEAM Extras Plug-Ins (*.xtr)

PhotoSEAM has extensive support for Adobe Photoshop compatible plug-ins. However there are also other kinds of "native" plug-ins for PhotoSEAM called Extras.

Extras are special PhotoSEAM plug-ins with extension *.xtr. The first difference is that they don't reside in the Filter menu. You can find them in the Image menu under submenu Extras.
Extras are not just a filters. The Extras could have any functionality - for example it could export the image into new file formats.
The PhotoSEAM extras must all be in the subdirectory Extras. If you add any new Extra in the subdirectory, you have to reload them with Extras Manager.

Extras manager search and displays all plug-ins found in the Extras folder. Whenever you add or remove Extra plug-in, go to Extras Manger and press OK. The Extras will appear in the Image->->Extras-> menu

You can find the updates for extras plug-ins on the page, in the Digital Camera pages.

One of the most popular Extras is the DCEnhancer (or Digital Camera Enhancer) plug-in.
It makes unbelievable enhancements to the digital images from digital camera. The Plug-in version of DCEnhancer is just 200kB small.