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Thank You

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Thank you

I would like to thank you, for trying, and for using this software (and also for reading this documentation).

I must also thank you for sharing with me the vision of a "new type of illustration software" and I hope you will have a lot of fun using it, at least as much fun as I had making it.

The software combines both - simplicity and power. I worked many hours just on the user interface - to make it easy to use with a set of specially  designed controls.

But it doesn't stop here, there is much more in  Real-DRAW than could be described in this manual.

Because of its flexibility you could create something new everyday, almost as if a Real-DRAW had a life of its own.

In fact it has, check the About box :-)

Many thanks to these people who helped me with this help file in their spare time:

Lyn Monrean

Michael Redbourn

Thanks for your support.

Roman Voska

Real-DRAW author

March-July 2001, Canada

(c) Mediachance 2001-2003