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Copy/Paste Commands

You have various copy and paste commands on the Edit menu.

Most often you would use

Copy (CTRL + C) - copy any object or selection of object to the clipboard

Paste (CTRL + V) - paste object, or selection of object and any normal bitmap that is on the clipboard

You also have a few other special case copy/paste commands:

Copy as Bitmap - copy object or selection of objects and render it as a bitmap on the clipboard. With this command you can simply copy objects and paste them inside any other application. The Bitmap will be on the solid background color (if visible).

Paste as Bitmap - when you copy any Real-DRAW object onto the clipboard you can paste it as a Bitmap Object back into Real-DRAW. The Bitmap Object will have a transparent background (it will behave as a normal object) . You can use a similar method to do the same - select objects, and from menu Bitmap-Create select New Bitmap from selected Objects

The difference between Copy as Bitmap/Paste and Copy/Paste as Bitmap is that in the first case it will copy-paste a bitmap with a solid background and in the second case you will get a Bitmap Object with a transparent background.

Paste Inside - this allows you to paste a bitmap or objects inside another object bitmap layer.

Paste Attributes - Paste only attributes of the object on the clipboard to the selected object. Copy an object with the Style you like onto the clipboard Copy (Ctrl+C), then select another object and use Paste Attributes (Ctrl+Shift+V).


Bitmap - Create

New Bitmap from selected Objects

Create a new Bitmap Object from Selected Objects - the objects will stay as they are, a new Bitmap Object will be created. Similar to Copy - Paste as Bitmap.

Bitmap Shadow from Selected Objects

Create a new Bitmap Object Shadow from selected object and place it behind the object. In case you need shadow from many objects - this will help you to to do it the simplest way.

New Document Snapshot

This will create a Bitmap snapshot of a whole document and place it in a new document view. That is, you will see a new document created with just one Bitmap Object.


Project - Production Notes

You can enter a few production notes about the project such as Name, Copyright, version number, date and free text.

However you have also the possibility of protecting the project with few hidden commands typed into the (c) field.



After you load the project with the PWD: keyword in (c) field it will ask you to enter a password - which is the rest of the text in the (c) field after the double-colon.

For example if you enter PWD:mmb

then the password is mmb and you will be asked for it if such project is loaded.

Note: This isn't done as any strong protection, it is there in case you want to keep original project safe against changes made by mistake.


If this keyword is present in the (c) field, then anytime you click Save or Save as you will be reminded that this file is Locked and you must confirm the overwriting.

You can combine both: