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At a Glance:

Vector Editing

Any object you create is editable all the time. You can change shapes, group objects, move them in layers, resize, edit envelopes etc. Any object has its own changeable properties like color, texture, outline, lights, material, transparency, multiple 3D effects, bevels, shadows, motion blur and much more.

Bitmap Editing

Unlike in a normal vector editor you can actually paint directly onto any vector object using airbrushes, 3D or Artistic brushes and special Image Nozzles. You can paint on the canvas and the strokes will become another object to which you can apply effects, just as with vector objects. You can even convert a brush stroke directly into editable vector polynome.Not many software packages gives you such freedom.

3D Effects

You can apply various bevels and extrude effects to any object or bitmap to create perfect three-dimensional work. You can get even closer to rendered-like image by applying an unlimited number of 3D lights to any object or by changing its material properties. For example, Real-DRAW PRO makes it very easy to create realistic metallic textures - often a big problem in standard vector drawing packages.

Illustration Package

The combination of Real-DRAW's tools allows you to create drawings in your style - illustrations, 3D render simulations, airbrush work, you name it - you have the control.


Non-Photo Realistic Styles

At any time you can switch the output to one of many Global NPR Styles for instant hand-drawn output using pencil, watercolor or even a paint. As any other feature in Real-Draw, this is non destructive, you can easily switch between styles, go back to original style or tweak the current style to your preference.

WEB/Multimedia Graphics generator

With Real-DRAW you can design a whole interactive graphics web page with roll-overs, functional links and directly export it using powerful HTML Slicer.

Then you can export it directly to Multimedia Builder or generate a script in any language you want - you can create HTML, XML, Java, Java Script or even a web page using CSS (Cascading Style Sheets).

Mega Render

Design small, render big! A special Mega Render export module allows you to render the design into much larger image sizes if you need them. Mega Render will not just resize the image, but it will add more texture detail as well.

Export to Adobe Photoshop

You can export the whole design into Adobe Photoshop keeping all the layers, transparency channels, shadow layers and layer names as you created them in Real-DRAW.

You can also use MegaRender technology to export large - print quality work to Adobe PhotoShop.

Real-DRAW offers you many new and innovative methods such as bitmap cloning, blueprint with onion skin or Packaging, and Package Clones which divide projects into logical blocks that can be worked on individually.

Real-DRAW turns graphics tasks that usually take several steps (and often several programs) into simple jobs.


In More Details:

Real-DRAW combines many features you can find in different vector, 3D, and bitmap editors, and some that you can hardly find anywhere. The list of all the features would be too long so here are at least the most important:

Multi document interface
Vector editing with Path Curves and Polynomes
Editing shape of the text with Path
Texture Mix with hundreds of textures, Transparency texture mix
GenetX Procedural Textures and Colors - millions of combinations
Non Photo-Realistic Styles for instant hand-drawn feel
Bitmap Effects from standard Saturation, Sharpen, Boost to some exotic effects
Paining with brushes on objects or Canvas
Arrow Line object - great for tutorials
Four levels of Antialiasing
Antialiased rotation of bitmaps - any angle
Texture rotation and perspective
Quick Style Library
Many 3D Effects, bevels, extrude, drop shadow
Unlimited number of 3D lights on each object: Point, Spot and Distant, any combination with Material properties
You can apply effects (such as bevel, shadows etc.) to any object, it doesn't matter if it is text, vector object, bitmap or a brush stroke
Everything is editable at any time
Non-destructive editing
Abilty to convert bitmpa object into vector shapes and vice-versa
Non-destructive sharpening of bitmap objects
Color correction for each object separately
Export with detailed preview, quality control, size image, sharpen, and color correction
Enhanced sampling quality on JPG, produces one of the best looking JPGs ever
Export and import to SVG format (vector scalable format for web)
Export to Adobe Photoshop format with all of the objects and shadows in separate layers.
Ability to create a whole interactive page for a web, using HTML Slicer or even create a script for Cascade Style Sheets (CSS)
Transparent PNG input and output.
Ability to export separate alpha channel in any format
A special Editable E-JPG export. E-JPEG is compatible with standard JPG. You can view it with a web browser or any graphic application that has JPG capability, and if you load it into Real-DRAW you can again edit the objects.
Output plug-ins allow you to export into additional formats such as GIF, TIF, TGA etc.
Import and translation of WMF files
Import CompactDRAW IDR files
Multimedia Export to Multimedia Builder or generic export to any authoring tool - thanks to the Packages, it is now very easy
Smart nondestructive Crop
Packaging, Nested Packaging, Nested Grouping
Guidelines, Grid, full or draft wire frame view
Blueprint method for cloning with onion skin ability
Small, fast loading