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Types of results

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Real-Draw PRO is one of the most versatile graphic editor for any screen-type of graphics. You can quickly produce any type of images - from realistic 3D-like rendering to a hand-drawn sketches or watercolor.

Here are some general type of output you can produce:


Ultra realistic, texture rich images, buttons, controls, text ... - First time in 2D drawing package are objects so real that you can create the feel of stones, shiny metals, wood and much more. There are hundreds of predefined natural textures in the library and you can add your own.


Rendered-like images. Unlike other 2D drawing applications, Real-DRAW can apply unlimited number of various light sources and material properties on any vector object, text, or bitmap to add realistic feeling. You can create 3D looking scenes without the need to work in 3D. Actually it is even better, because it is all in Real Time.


Hand-drawn Style Illustrations - start drawing on the opposite side of the realistic images using variety of fine tuned Non-Photo Realistic styles. Real-Draw PRO can automatically give your drawings the hand-crafted feel without any of the hard work.


Photographic-like Illustrations - You can hardly imagine a faster way to create amazing photo-realistic illustrations. It is much easier and the result are usually much better than creating them in 3D. The secret is in using lights and bevels. Just a few lights alone can create the feel of a 3D shape.

The whole illustration on the left was created using only vector objects with lights.


Sketches - Spice up your documentation with a hand-drawn sketches. The secret is of course that these are not hand drawn, but easily editable vector-like objects. Unlike working with bitmap editor or a pencil you can simply edit these objects.


Large Photo Collages - The new Image by Reference allows you to quickly work with many large multi-megapixel images by  simply placing a small Draft Image on the canvas and then use Megarender or Fine Print to create very large output. The Megarender will employ the best possible pixel quality using the actual data from the linked Reference images on disk.
You can for example easily create a perfectly printable poster, but work on it very comfortably on a small 400 pixel wide canvas.


Web Page - build-in smart HTML Slicer allows you to create whole interactive web page with roll-overs and functional links directly in software. You can create a custom buttons for roll-overs or you can simply choose one of predefined effect if you are in hurry.


Multimedia Interfaces - you can create lifelike professional multimedia interfaces. With Web/Multimedia Button you can also assign to each object three different appearances - normal, highlighted and pushed. You can then export each frame to separate bitmap files or direct export to Multimedia Builder.


Web Elements - you can do anything from Web banners and logos - to buttons or other art. You can create vivid graphics with cool effects like drop shadow, glow or lights. You can even choose from 'zillions' of procedural textures and color washes.


There is much more - Real-DRAW is one of the most versatile graphics programs, you can create images from painted art to photo-realistic rendering and everything in between or combination of all.

Everything is editable all the time; you don't have to recreate the graphics again and again.