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Package Document size


You don't have to worry about the document size of the package. When you edit the package it will always appear in a document large enough to encapsulate all of the objects.


You can freely add (or move) any object outside the Package document, and when you close the Package, all will be smartly updated the right way. You don't have to worry about moving, or resizing the result, or the package document.


This behavior is indicated in the Size and Color settings of the Package Canvas by the checked option: Dynamic Update of Package Canvas Size.


buletwhNote: In special cases you can disallow this option and the Package will be cropped to the Canvas size.

Size and color of the package canvas (Size and Color Dialog)


The Package canvas is transparent when shown in the original document.

Normally the Package size is updated dynamically. That means that if you add another object out of the Package canvas, it will be resized as soon as you save the package. This way all the objects will always be visible in the package.


On the Size and Color dialog, this is indicated by checked Dynamical Update of Package Canvas Size.

In special cases when you don't want this behavior you can uncheck this option. In that case the package will be cropped by the Package canvas size. This will also be indicated by the title of the Package window : "Package (Canvas Crop)".

A typical example of this is the e-book cover sample.




The Blue circle and letter B are "bleeding" from the canvas. They are just partially inside the canvas.

Because we didn't use Dynamical Update of Canvas Size, the package will be cropped at the Canvas. This is what we want.

This is if we do use Dynamical Update - obviously this isn't what we wanted.