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Create and Edit Package

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packcreate Create a Package

It is very easy to create a Package, just select all the objects that you want to be packaged and press the,

Create package button packcreate   or from the menu: Object - Package - Create Package


You also have the ability to freely transform a package, and can also add any of the effects to it.

Adding bevel, shadow or lights, will apply to the whole package, but the objects inside will be never be touched, and they'll keep their own effects!


Above, we added some lights and a drop shadow to the whole Package.

packageedit Edit a Package

Another great feature in Real-Draw is the ability to edit objects inside a Package without the need to unpack it.

This is simply done. Just double-click on a package, or click the Edit Package Button. packageedit

The package will open in a separate view where you can edit all the packaged objects.


When you finish you just need to close the Package window. You can either click on close button which will ask you to save to package (Answer Yes) or simply hit the green OK button on the top left corner of your package canvas (where Rulers meet)


Hitting the red X will close the package without accepting changes.

buletwhTip: If you want to keep the Package window open and just update the Package in a main view. Simply hit the Save button and the package in the main document will be updated.