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Perspective Transformation

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perspec Perspective Transformation of packages

Menu Object - Package - Perspective transformation

This command works like a tool where you can drag each corner of the package to stretch the package image in perspective space. Thanks to this feature you can simply design your package in regular view and then adjust its perspective. Of course this is fully dynamical so anytime you can double-click on the Package to edit it in regular 2D view.




We designed this Package as simple 2D view of a book cover.

With Perspective Transformation you can stretch the 2D package in the 3D space.

One example would be to build a whole image of a book where the Cover and Spine are Packages, each always editable in the regular simple 2D view.


Another example could be a facade of a building - design it from the front and then simply stretch it to the desired perspective.

You should keep the edges as close to the object boundaries as possible. It is best to resize the object to the final size and then move the perspective.

buletwhNote: This tool also works for simple Bitmap Objects. For any other vector objects you should use Envelope Tool.