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Bitmap Envelope Editing

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Real-DRAW Advanced Bitmap Effects

Bitmap Object - Bitmap Envelope Editing, Perspective Transformation

You may have realized from the previous chapters, that a Bitmap can be distorted with the envelope the same way as text.

Before you use the envelope for the first time, you have to convert the Bitmap to Envelope. To do that, go to menu: Bitmap and select Convert to Envelope or press the convert2 button on bottom toolbar.

buletwhNote: In order to make smooth effects, you have to move the envelope inwards - making the resulting object smaller.


You can make very interesting effects with the Bitmap on Envelope, however, this takes some time to calculate and the results are not always smooth.

perspec Perspective Transformation (High Quality)

The Envelope is an interesting tool for bitmaps but Real-DRAW has another tool for re-shaping bitmaps (this time with advanced quality).

Select a bitmap object and press the perspec Perspective Transformation tool. (This Tool is on the bottom bar, not on the left tool bar)

Main Perspective Transformation application is for Packages, however it works for Bitmap Objects as well.


Simply select any bitmap and press the perspec Perspective Transformation tool. Now you can drag each of the Bitmap corner to move the 2D image in the 3D Perspective space.

When finished simply click on Arrow tool or doubleclick on the image.

Note: The perspective will remain even if you rotate the object.

Make a Texture

Real-DRAW uses textures on the disk. There are enough quality textures with Real-DRAW to allow you to design almost anything, however, you can make your own texture and copy it to the directory Textures. (PhotoSEAM makes wonderful textures for this purpose)

If you want to use a texture just for a project, you can load a Bitmap, and from menu: Bitmap select Make a Texture.

This will create a temporary project-specific texture. From now on in this project you will see a new texture in the texture list box.

Real-DRAW doesn't save textures to the *.rdw Project file by default, however, once you add a project-specific texture to a project, this project will also always save all used textures to an *.idr project file as well. The project file will be much bigger in this case. There is also an option in general settings to allow/disallow saving of the textures.

buletwhNote: You can't add the objects, with user textures, to the Object library. The object will only work for the project for which the texture was defined.