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Screen Capture

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Screen Capture

One of the little-Big helpers in Real-DRAW is the ability to capture a screen region or window.

screencap There are three buttons on the bottom tool bar for screen capture.

The first is the switch to hide the Real-DRAW window before capturing.

The second is Region Capture.  A second after you press this button, a red cross hair will appear on the screen allowing you to select a region that  you would like to capture. After you select that region the image will be directly transferred to Real-DRAW.

The third is a Window capture. This option allows you to capture the window or windows control without having to select a region manually with the cross-hair. As you move around your screen you will see that a window under the cursor will be highlighted. In Windows terminology the window, is any defined object, for example a button or a list box. Even a simple window, many times consists of the main window with the header text, and a client window which lies on top of it.

With the Window capture you can precisely capture windows and objects. Great for making a tutorial.

buletwhNote: For Multi-Monitor users: The Screen Capture works in Monitor 1. If you need Multi-Monitor enabled screen capture use for example our UltraSnap.