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Open specific folder not explorer Instead of Explore Disk use Run Program and in command specify just the path. This will open the folder, not explorer.
Thanks to: van der Aichi
Using fonts for Text objects

If you use non standard font for the text object,user doesn't have to have the same font on his system. The font on users system will be then substituted with similar font.
To avoid this problem :
Use Standard fonts (Arial, MS Sans Serif, Times Roman ....)
Convert the text object to bitmap object.
1. Select the text object
2. In Menu Object select Convert To Bitmaps.

Stop background being active


If you want a CANCEL / EXIT box in the master top layer that comes up when you press escape, alt-f4 etc. You can disable click through by having the actions enabled. But to stop the entire background being active underneath you can place an inactive hotspot over the entire screen, and just bring the cancel and exit buttons (or any others) to the front.
Thanks to: Mark Gabriels
Network compliant

To make your (Big) project network compliant, you don't have to do any complicated think. Just remember one important think, NEVER use the <CD> function. Why? Because if you put your cd on the server, or on any workstation and try to access more than one mbd file, it will try to find it in the local CD-Drive, not on the network CD-Rom. Use instead <SrcDir>, this command is much more flexible and powerfull, even when your project is on the development stage, you can test it on your hard disk. With <CD> the project will search for the CD-Rom thus preventing you to test.
Thanks to: Martinho Neves


CD EXTRA is the latest type of 'Enhanced CD'. Enhanced CD is the umbrella-name given to all types of CD audio (red book) which have been combined with CD-ROM (yellow book) data.
Read more here.
Thanks to: Ned Hall

Transparency color

It is essential you use for your transparency color one of the basic colors on windows system. Otherwise you might find the background color of Bitmap Object is not transparent on viewers system with less colors than you have.

The best is to design your transparent pictures with background color white RGB (255,255,255) or black RGB(0,0,0) but you might use other 16 colors from basic windows palette.

Template Background When I'm working on a project that requires different buttons to be placed in the same place on different pages I find that it helps if I build a Template Background in my graphics program. The Template Background is essentially the same as the "Clean Background" except that where the buttons or other elements will go I have placed contrasting shapes that I can then cover up with the appropriate buttons inside MMB. It's necessary to have your buttons figured out before hand so you can set the sizes correctly and move them precisely into place. Once the project is finished I simply replace the Template Background with the "Clean Background" (The same image minus the contrasting place holders) and everything is perfectly aligned and ready to go.
This technique is also helpful in the initial planning stage when deciding on the layout of pages for the entire project.
Thanks to: Bruce Hartman

In this example, you want to play only track 4 from the CD (Mixed-mode or CD-EXTRA) and then stop. The user can replay the track as much as he wants by pressing the play button. Track 4 is 30 seconds long. Why? Let's say your page describes the content of that track. You don't want track 5 to start on that page.

Read the article here:

Thanks to: Marc Jutras

Open/Close the CD doors with "one" button.

Make two buttons one Open and another Close. Align them so they are on the same place and hide the Close button.

On script of the Open put:
MCICommand("set cdaudio door open")

On script of the Close put:
MCICommand("set cdaudio door closed")

Thanks to: Darren

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