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Dec 1
Update 4.5 is here. See the new features here.

September 99
Version 4.4 released. The price is the same and updates from any previous version are still free! (Who else can give you this value?)

MOD files gallery (the new 3.3 will support MOD files) created by Bjorn Lynne

How-To MMB FAQ document in PDF format
Created by mike in texas
(Archive of Questions and answers posted at the discussion board)
Download it here (110 kB)

New Web Board is up. This one is different and it has many powerfull features like full search, settings........

Few Original Graphic Buttons by Yago

Text-to-Speech is very hot topic in Internet comunity. Mediachance is proud to include TTS engine in future versions of our programs.

Software Hunt page - great deals on software.