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There are various sites with MMB tutorials or articles. Here are some you may check out

Granny's School of MMB Basics


MicroTech Examples

MicroTech Video Examples

MicroTech Audio Examples

For more links visit MMB Forums

From the MMB Help some selected Articles:

Embedded Fonts
Scripting Basics
Slide Show

Some more soon...

These are some old tutorials I wrote some time ago

Custom Shape Windows How to create custom shape window by tracing a prepared image....
Create big projects with MMB How to create a big project with MMB ? This tutorial will show you the idea, how to organize the files, sounds etc ...
Simple Autorun Your First Autorun in 5 minutes. For Begginers.
MCI Command Removed!.The files are copyright of University of Nottingham .
How to set up properly the CD writer...

It is a small tutorial on how to set up properly the CD writer to run tests on Mixed-Mode and CD-EXTRA projects. I encountered a problem while working on my personal demo and this is the solution I found.

Download the turorial from here (zip 420 kB)