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Enhances 3D renders, by partially removing rendering noise and enhancing color separation
$39.00  One-Time, single purchase
Dramatically enhances sharpness and resolution of photos. Suitable for images with a lot of details and texture - landscapes, nature, urban settings
Noise Reducing Model, enhances resolution of photos with smooth gradients. Removes pixel noise while sharpening edges. Suitable for portraits or 3D graphics.
Similar to above, but produces softer, more natural edges.
For enlarging drawings or vector-style art. Will enhance outlines and flattens slight gradients. It can also turn a small photo in a sort of vector-like image
For DAP paintings - dramatically enhances brush stroke details. Great for creating paintings for printing in large sizes with a lot of newly generated up-close details that never existed before.
For DAP paintings - enhances details and lifts up muddy colors.
Simplifies Photos or 3D Rendered images, giving them vector-like simplified look. See the General Settings in menu Tools to adjust the simplification (This would be later made more accessible)
(no subscription, yours forever) The software needs relatively modern GPU. Please try it before purchasing.
Reduces high ISO noise of photos (very effective). For very noisy images. Otherwise use the Photo Models.
Model to enlarge small pixel or line art graphics into 8x larger image with sharp and clean edges. Good for pencil, pen or other line drawing.
This model works a bit similarly to Photo Sharp UHD, and while not as effective, it tries to leave any noise unaffected or at the same level. As a bonus it can also enlarge small text and keep it readable.

AiE Photo Models

AiE Line and Graphics Models

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AiE Special Models

Ai Photo & Art Enhancer
We are constantly keep adding new Ai Models suitable for different situations
More to come!
Model that enlarges images, producing extra sharp edges while keeping gradients smooth. It is mostly suitable for Ai text-to-image generators such as Midjourney, Stable Diffusion or Dall-E. It can also be used to enlarge graphics, ink drawings etc. Works on photos too, but it will over-sharpen textures.
A new clever tool to reframe images, or change image aspect ratios. See more in Tips

AiE Special Tools

A new HQ model for enlarging Digital Art (digital paintings, graphics etc.) as well as Ai generated images. It is trained to produce crisp look without over-smoothing or over-sharpening. This is, by far, the best model for enlarging digital artwork. It works on Text too. (If used for photography, it will likely exaggerate noise)
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