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Version 1.0.10

Added 3D HDR Art model Enhances 3D renders, even partial by removing noise and enhancing color separation

Version 1.0.00

Added settings to limit the output size.
Dramatically enhances sharpness and resolution of photos. Suitable for images with a lot of details and texture - landscapes, nature, urban settings
Enhances resolution of photos with smooth gradients. Removes pixel noise while sharpening edges. Suitable for portraits or 3D graphics.
Similar to above, but produces more natural edges. Also good for screen shots with text.
For enlarging drawings or vector-style art.
For DAP paintings - dramatically enhances brush stroke details. Great for creating paintings for printing in large sizes with a lot of newly generated up-close details.
For DAP paintings - enhances details and lifts up muddy colors.

Version 1.0.20

Added 3D Art Simplify model Simplifies Photos or 3D Rendered images, giving them vector-like look
The software needs relatively modern GPU. Please try it before purchasing.

Version 1.1.00

Added Ai Noise Reduction Reduces high ISO noise (very effective)
CPU Only processing
Added option for CPU only processing - no need to have dedicated GPU. Hpwever, the process will be slow (10x or worse)
Select GPU
If you have two dedicated GPU, now you can select which one you would like to use
Vulcan Library updated
Vulcan has been updated to 1.3
Vulcan 1.3
Vulcan 1.2
Note: We always try to update to the newest Vulcan library - this may improve GPU compatibility over time

Version 1.1.02

Vulcan 1.3.216
- Vulcan updated to 3.1.216, (includes vulcaninfo.exe) - mouse scroll in the preset list - some cosmetic changes

Version 1.2.0

- Resolved a case when software would not work due to wrong Microsoft DLL (the symptoms: software wouldn’t work in either GPU nor CPU mode) - Added Batch Processing (Menu Tools) - some cosmetic changes
Vulcan 1.3.216
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