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To change the 3D Simplify settings, navigate to Tools- General Settings
Change the settings: Maximum Size for 3D Art Simplify - This sets the maximum size of the output image. Lowering this number dramatically changes the overall simplification feel (try 1600 for example). If you need higher resolution while keeping the strong simplification, process the image in 3D Art Simplify first, then load the saved result back and use Art & Vector Graphics preset.
Simplify Strength The higher the number the less details there will be, It is recommended to use 2.

Simplify image

3D Art Simplify can be an interesting way to create look of vector-like graphics. This can be then used alone or as a source image for Dynamic Auto Painter for example.
4800 1600 DAP Brush-Stroke Enhancer Strength 1 Strength 5

Prepare DAP painting for professional print

The best result (with the most paint-like effect) for print can be achieved by setting the Canvas Output Size in DAP low (2400 or 3200) then apply DAP painting or DAP Color & Texture preset on the result image. This will dramatically increase the fidelity with many small details while keeping the overall artistic feel. Feel free to try other presets as well!
Canvas: 2400 px After DAP Painting AIE
In Dynamic Auto Painter
then process in AIE
The software needs relatively modern GPU. Please try it before purchasing.
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