CompactDraw Basics

Combine two or more objects

This tool combines two or more Path, Text or Polynome object together

In the previous example we learned how to add an Island into the object. However there is an easier method which does exactly the same thing.

  • First we draw two circles one bigger one on the back and on top of it a smaller one.
    We just select a different color of the top circle to be visible on the picture.
  • Now click outside the object and drag a mouse selection rectangle around both objects to select them. You can also select objects by holding a Shift and selecting another object.
  • Click the Combine button

Note: the result object will get the color and properties of the first object in the selection. If you select all objects by dragging a selection rectangle around them then the first object will be the bottom one. If you using the Shif-Click method then the first object will be the one you selected as first.

You can combine text, paths and polynomes together. The result will be always Polynome.
You can't combine Bitmap objects, however you can make a holes to the Bitmap by using Bitmap Mask tools.

Tip: Combine rectangle and text to get an reverse (cut) text.