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Dynamic Photo HDR (Windows)

Dynamic Photo HDR

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Version 6.1 build 14/11/2017
64-bit application Easy to understand software with super fast preview Powerful Auto-Aligning, Manual or Auto-Assist Aligning of images Various tone mapping procedures that can create a whole range of images - from smooth photographic tone mapping to very dramatic images Fusion process for realistic looking photography Batch Processing to add images to queue and then process them all at once Real-Time Preview - as you move the sliders you see the changes in real-time Many effects like Orton, Sepia, Black/White, Vignette, Mysterious Light Advanced De-Noising Effect layers Match Color will allow you to match your new tone mapped image to any other photo or painting. Largest amount of operators and combinations in one single software
Color Match
Anti-Ghosting If an object moved while you were taking different shots, this would normally create a "ghost" on the final image. We added a powerful yet very simple to use anti-ghosting mask feature. Just paint over all instances of the moved objects (you don't even have to be very precise!) and it will without trace completely eliminate the ghosts from the final image. In Full version you can use Live HDR function. Just press Quick Preview button that will almost instantly show you the result HDR image with the anti-ghosting mask applied. Silky-smooth sky A common problem with over-processed HDR images is adding halo and noise blocks in large smooth areas such as clean sky. 3D Sky filter automatically adjust the tone-mapping to preserve the smoothness of the sky (Even if you really step on the "HDR effect" pedal as we did with the image below) And we added one for Skin too, so now you can tone-map portraits as well.
Get Dynamic Photo HDR effect for iPhone with Dynamic Light app
Dynamic Lights is also available for MAC
Sky Filter
New Major version 6 - 6.01 (3/5/2015), quick fix for drag&drop files, Shift, Home, End key in image browser Update (JAN 5 2015) - added/improved redaing RAW files from new cameras: Canon EOS 6d, 70D, 100D, 700D, 1200D, M, Nikon Df, D4S, D7100, A, AW1 Olympus EP5, EPL5, EPM2, Panasonic FZ7,LF1, lx7, FZ200, G5, G6, GF6, GH4, GX1 Samsung NX2, NX2000, NX mini Sony RX100, rx10, rx1, A500, Nex 6, A57, A99, A5000, A6000 and more
DPHDR offers many different tone mapping operator groups and sub- operators with various combinations. You can produce image from single or multiple exposures with many different looks; from natural smooth image to having painterly effect.
And now, first time ever you can jump between those steps as you please without re-loading the files. You can change HDR options, set some effects then jump and fix align. Or just load new files and all what you had done previously will be applied to them.
Version 6 has a very consistent interface with clearly defined “steps”, accessible through the tab bar.
New Interface and new Workflow
New additions in version 6 64-bit application complete redesign, from scratch in average it is more than 2 times faster than version 5 clean, consistent, logical and resizable interface, as little modal windows as possible resizable window preview with clearly layed out controls Improved and more confident auto-align the old one-way approach (load->align->hdr->tonemap) is redesigned and those steps are now accessible at any time - so you can easily jump to any step from any other step. This opens up the flexibility and consistency - you can process first files, then just load different files and they will be automatically processed the same way. fully template based approach - design your favorite workflow then save it as an template all processing are now done in high precision, including all the effects brand new, state-of-the-art de-noising effects are now hugely expanded with multiple layers and vast processing possibilities (think of auto- painter Layers combined with Reactor effects - but instead of reactor advanced nodal approach you work in a photoshop way where you pile up the live effects in layers) there are no more modes you must choose in advance like HDR, Pseudo HDR or Fussion. It is all combined. So you can easily switch from pseudo hdr to hdr or fusion during tone-maping much easier to use batch processing that can do auto-aligning.

Automatically turns photo into painting by Master painters: Van Gogh, Monet

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