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Dynamic Photo HDR (Windows)

Dynamic Photo HDR

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How It Works
How it Works
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It is estimated that our eye can see over a dynamic range of nearly 24 f-stops while a digital camera can capture a dynamic range around 6 to 9 f-stops at best.


For a well light outside scene we could set our digital camera to correctly capture either, but hardly both:

Using HDR technique we can combine the different exposures to create a single image that shows details in both sky and the land.
But we can go even beyond that. Dynamic Photo HDR not only combine multiple exposures, but there is a whole part dedicated to creating HDR look from a single image! DPHDR gives you option and combination of many different tone-mapping operators from smooth and natural vivid images to surreal art from single or multiple exposures.
Correctly expose for the foreground in which case the sky will become overexposed Correctly expose for the sky but the foreground will be then underexposed
Great Flexibility: From Natural Look to Surreal Effect
DPHDR offers many different tone mapping operators with various combinations including HDR Fusion Blending and unique Complex HDR Fusion. You can produce image from either single or multiple exposures with many different looks; from natural smooth image to having painterly effect.
from Natural look to Surreal effect 37,500+ DPHDR Photos Dynamic-PHOTO HDR Photos by the DPHDR Community
We created our software to be fun to use, fast and straight forward. No fiddling with incomprehensible parameters. And as it is common for our products we added many cool features that you may not have seen in any other package.
DPHDR has more effects than any other comparable software.

Automatically turns photo into painting by Master painters: Van Gogh, Monet

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