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Since we take our exposure shots one after another, any moving object will obviously disturb the whole image. This could be a moving car or a walking person.


On the image below the car moved from point 1 to point 2. These are two different exposures overlapped:




This will create a typical "HDR ghost" on the final HDR image, that will look like this:




To remove Ghosts we have added very powerful but simple to use Anti-Ghosting Mask feature.


The process is straight forward. You have to first align images then use the Paint Button to paint a mask over all ghosted objects.




Paint over the ghosted object with the brush. You don't have to be precise at all, but make sure all of the ghosted object is inside the mask. You can change the Brush with the Brush Size slider.




Note: You have to paint over BOTH objects, in our case the car instance in place 1 and also in place 2. The HDR merging process will then itself decide which instance to keep and which to disregard. If you paint over only one instance, the car will still look ghosted!


As you see on the image above we painted also on the object that is in front of the car (traffic sign) even that it is in both images on the same place. Don't worry, this will not remove the object from final image!

Don't forget that objects do have shadows that needs to be masked as well!

Also if you have multiple images, you have to remove the ghosts in all sets separately (on over-exposed image the car could be in different position).


When you painting, you can press SHIFT to quickly turn into Eraser mode. Or you may press Erase button.




Moving View while painting.

You can move the view by either the x, y sliders or by Right Clicking on the view and dragging.


You can also blur the currently painted mask with the Blur button.
The button Clear will clear the whole mask.


To finish the painting process you can press Finish Button:




You will return to the normal mode.

The final result HDR:




There is no sign of the ghosted image, nor any sign there was a car before!



Anti-Ghosting of very large (central) objects actually defeat the purpose of HDR image, because it will ultimately lower the dynamic range where the ghost was (especially if you have only few exposures). If you have very large objects that moved, then the best advice is to re-shoot again.