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Digital Painting, Photo Editing,


Photo composition software editor
High Dynamic Range Photo Software
DVD authoring for advanced users
Nodal image editor and effect processor
Image editor, painting program, photo retouching tool
Fast image enhancement software for HDR look
Windows screen capture and , vector editor
Combines vector and pixel based editing
Editor for creating seamless textures and patterns.
DV/SD Video Editing (End of Life product)
HDR-like effect from only a single image
Additional taskbar for multiple monitors (Windows 7)
Renaming large number of files as easy as editing text

Password protect videos, images and documents

Cross-referenced database for audio rubber parts
Photo Reactor effects inside Adobe Photoshop
Run 32-bit photoshop plugins inside 64-bit Adobe Photoshop.
Enhances Windows text clipboard with special functionality
A distant cousin of Auto Painter

Rapid GUI development tool for Arduino

Small editor for OBJ to set Normals and Shading Domains.
The most advanced Photo to Painting software

Photoshop Plug-ins

Video and DVD

Graphics Applications

Office and Productivity

Experimental / FREE / Electronics

Ultimate Shortcut/Macro software with support for multiple keyboards
Ultimate Shortcut/Macro software with support for MIDI controllers
Converts Maschine Expansions to AKAI MPC and FORCE formats
Vector-based Animator software with Hand- painted look