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Auto Enhance Photos

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Menu: Adjust -> Auto Enhance Photos...

This is a special automatic procedure which basically analyzes the image and then performs necessary corrections.

Let the image use the full range of colors by stretching the levels
Adjust midtones to the optimal range
Remove an unwanted color cast

In most cases this function works very well on images from a scanner or from digital cameras. Images become more life-like.

You can repeat this function if necessary.




Original Image

First time Auto Enhance

Second time Auto Enhance

Eventually after Auto Enhance you can use some of the other filters (menu Filter) for example: Filter-Noise-Auto Clean Skin and Filter-Sharpen-Unsharp Mask

Note: Auto Enhance uses default settings which can be changed in Settings dialog. If you need more freedom in settings, you can use DCEnhancer plugin (Extras) instead.