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Tips and Tricks

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Here are some tips you may want to try:

Use Bridge

1. Use Bridge Tool to add some interesting graphics effects. You don't have to use Bridge tool strictly for retouching!


First we used a Text Tool with Text Bridge. Then we applied the text by clicking outside text rectangle. Next we used Horizontal Bridge Tool to paint the transitions between r and g letters. Last we added id text with different parameters.

Use Image Nozzle with texture or Clone

Sometimes you need different color Image Nozzles. You can experiment with the Texture. Just select any texture and move the % slider to get the right mixture. Also you can try Texture Clone.


Use Texture Pick as a Make-up tool.

Skin is never perfect on photographs. That’s why models wear a thick layer of make-up. Well, with Photo-Brush you can do almost the same on the image!

Use the Texture Pick tool to pick a texture of the skin. Try to find a spot which has average color. In the Seamless texture maker try to move the origin (by dragging the image) and set the controls so the texture is almost smooth.

Then use AirBrush and move the opacity slider way back to left to about 20%





Paint with the Airbrush and the texture over problem areas. You should use light cover (little Opacity) and repeat it a few times.

Now you have your personalized Make-Up!