What is what

Edit Tools

The toolbar on the top of PhotoSEAM gives you tools for File, Copy, Paste, Zoom, Floater, Text, Crop, Resize and Enhance

Here you will find:

New, Open, Save

Copy, Paste - more Copy/paste options in the menu Edit.

Undo / Redo - Return back previous step.
Hold and Lock Undo - Holds current image in the Undo buffer untill this button is pressed. See more in the Eraser.

Basic Tools

Brush Tool Bar

Paint Brush, Pen, Air Brush - basic brushes for drawing.

Rubber Stamp - Great tool for cloning one part of the image into another part, or another image. Great for adding or removing part of the images.

Artistic, natural & 3D brushes - a special set of brushes simulating artistic and natural painting (Oil paint, Impressionists etc..) and various 3D brushes (rope, 3D tube, etc..)

Image Nozzle - Sprays a series of images

Cross Border Clone - A special type of clone used on tiles from photography.

Paint Bucket - Fill up the whole area with the background color and also a texture selected. Note: if you select texture, keep in mind that not all textures will produce a seamless background. For example if the texture is 150x150 pixels it won't produce seamless background on a tile 200 x 200

Photo Retouch - A set of brushes for various photo retouching - painting contrast, sharpen, blur, lighten or darken, colorize, remove red eye or clean skin etc....

Special Effects - A set of brushes and tools for special effects - Emboss, Aged Photo, Warping, adding lens flare, sparkles etc....

Color & Texture Bar

See the full detailed description in the Color & Texture section.

Brushes Bar

See the full detailed description in the Brushes section.