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Reactor Player
ADOBE Photoshop Plug-in
Reactor Player for PhotoShop
Reactor Player for Photoshop +Photo Reactor
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Creates water colored like effect reminiscent of illustrations from the 1930’s and World War II era with a bit of Nroman Rockwell’s palette.

Graphics OneTone

Paint WTCLR Simulator

Indigo Ink

Creates an interesting strong single-tone graphics effects. It greatly enhances fine texture like a foliage or hair.

Simulates Watercolor effect with bright color palette, jagged edges and hint of pencil lines.

Creates dark, ink like drawing. The settings allow for very strong ink effects from indigo wash to nearly black ink shadows.


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Old Masters New

Oscars Watercolor


Automatically insert clouds into the sky. Use Mask Clip Slider to refine the smart auto-blending with the foreground.

Photo Mastering V2

It is like having a whole light studio at your disposal. Get access to individual depth of shadows and vastly improved tone curve.

The photos will just pop out off the screen.

It is also a fantastic tool to create a glowing studio portraits that have some sort of “secret inner light”. This is done by smoothing some of the typical digital camera artifacts with Feature and Pixel smoothing.

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Photo Mastering

Photo Cloud Designer