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Design your own Photoshop filter plug-ins. Get started with collection of more than 30 new ART and PHOTO effects. For Adobe Photoshop © and compatible hosts such as Affinity Photo, Corel Painter and more
Reactor Player is probably the most powerful Adobe Photoshop plug-in we ever created. It is shipped with a number of expertly created Art and Photo filters, but for a curious mind, that is just the beginning.
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Photoshop 32/64bit Plug-in for Windows
Create your own effects and run them in Adobe Photoshop with thos bundle
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Reactor Player for ADOBE Photoshop

Version 1.2
30+ expertly created Art and Photo filters, including New Film Simulator
May we suggest?
Reactor player comes bundled with two different sets of factory filters: Art Filters and Photo Filters. They are not just great effects by themselves, when you are ready they can be used as a fantastic blueprint to create your own.
When you combine the Player with the power of Photo Reactor designer, you can then de-construct all the supplied effects to their basic components, see how they are created, change or create your very own filters and then use them inside Adobe Photoshop again.
Create painting from photos with DAP
Combine photos into a great montage with PhotoBlend
Art Filters
From Watercolor to striking graphic techniques, we created one of the most interesting and fully adjustable collection of art filters.
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Photo Filters
We added number of unique photo filters to enhance your images. From the Image Mastering effect that makes any image pop out off the screen, to our unique sub-pixel sharpening, to various special effects, you will find an incredible set of tools at your disposal.
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Photo Mastering V2
This complex filter in Reactor Player makes any image pop out off the screen or print by clever manipulating of the shadows and tones. It is like having a full studio lights with you!
Version 1.2 Support RGB 16-bit Shadow Highlight Recovery Version 1.1 Film Simulator effect Version 1.0.2 Compatibility for Affinity Photo
Design your own effects and plugins with Photo Reactor
New update: Film Simulation Photo Effect, Shadow Highlight Recovery using Luminance masks
Reactor Player was tested on (Windows only): Photoshop CS2 Photoshop CS5 Photoshop CS6 Photoshop Elements 7 and up Corel Painter 2017 Photo-Brush Affinity Photo
Version 1.1
new !
BETA Version (APR 2020)
Film Simulator

New in Reactor Player 1.1: Over 50 different film stock and camera simulations

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