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Stable Diffusion Assembly

SDA is a Windows helper tool for local installation of Stable Diffusion (such as Automatic111) for a fast, low GPU, high definition workflow.
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High Definition Workflow for Stable Diffusion

But why?

In SDA export rotated 512x512 slice
Drag the result back to SDA where it will be perfectly merged with the main image at the exact place and angle.
Load the slice in Stable Diffusion for inpainting
Select and inpaint the face
Stable Diffusion hates faces that are not vertical with passion
Generative AI is incredibly confident when it comes to producing images it wants, but as soon as you attempt to make the image you want, it will fight back. After hours of exporting parts of a composite project to Stable Diffusion and then adding them back in Photoshop while trying to align it again and again, I decided to create a splice and merge tool that would allow you to export a SD-friendly slice, then import and blend it back in the exact same place without any guesswork.
If you've spent any amount of time using local generative Ai, you're probably familiar with this scenario. You want to create an image based on what's in your head, but Stable Diffusion seems determined to make something very different... Example: Since most faces were trained in a certain positions, SD has a strong inclination to “correct” your images when they stray from being vertical. But that's just the tip of the iceberg.
SD Assembly uses an idea of splicing a large image into a base resolution slices at any angle, which you can then easily process in SD inpainting and then assemble back in place. It uses a lot of clever processing underneath to assure perfect and worry-free blending without any seams.
SDA is an advanced slice and merge tool for local Stable Diffusion. It doesn't generate images by itself and relies on locally installed Stable Diffusion (such as Automatic 1111). Its task is to allow working on a partial image in Stable Diffusion which will greatly enhance speed and lower memory/GPU requirements. This way you can comfortably work on images with very high details and extreme resolution without slowing you down. This tool is suitable for advanced users who are exploring how to incorporate AI into their professional workflow.

What is it?


- allows comfortably working in Stable Diffusion on huge images without Memory/GPU limits - various type of slices at different base dimensions including rotating slice - automatically sending the slice to clipboard (in Automatic1111 you can just paste it in inpainting window) - ability to have a ControlNet shadow image that gets sliced and exported at the same time and can be used as ControlNet source - brush blending tool (similar to Photoshop brush layer blending - special sizing and fitting methods that preserve color and have invisible seams

System Requirements

Windows 8, 10, 11 and working local installation of Stable Diffusion Note: This software is an addition to Stable Diffusion. You need to have any Stable Diffusion UI running on your system


- Fully utilizing Stable Diffusion potential to generate images with an incredible amount of detail without loading huge files - Use your photos as a base for img2img generation while SDA will keep track of the ControlNet slices of the original photo - Fixing details on large images/photos/artwork without guesswork
To learn more, see the Basic Step by Step overview
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