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Dynamic photo Effect processor for 21st century with unlimited possibilities.

Create thousands of fantastic effects that may be impossible to achieve in a standard image editor.


All the standard image editing applications are stuck with the work-flow defined in the last century.


They are static by design: Apply one step after another and pile layers on top of more layers. Step by step.


The problem starts as soon as you want to go back and change effect or settings that you did many steps ago.


If you like to create new original effects and experiment with image processing you need to be able to change absolute  everything at any time and see the effect of your changes immediately.

you have a fully dynamic software where the sequence of steps is fully flexible? you can have unlimited layers and effects that also go sideways, not just one on top of another? every single effect or adjustment can be re-adjusted at any time without going back? you can wrap effects and steps into new super-effect, add your own controls and then use them as just any other single effect? you can instantly apply all the effects to other images with a single click? you can apply everything you did to folders full of images without creating "macro" the output image can be used to process other images?

You have in your hands a very powerful tool to create effects that are nearly impossible to make in any normal editors without other special plug-ins.

From vivid powerful photos to haunting graphics or painting effects, everything is now possible.


The modular nature of Photo-Reactor allows developers to easily add many processes  that normally require a special software.

You can use from more than 100 supplied factory effects: image segmentations, paint effects, diffusion, anisotropic morphing, Light Studio, QR Code and more, then chain them all together with all other effects and create new reusable work-flows.





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Photo Reactor

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Version 1.7 (29/NOV/2017)
What If…
Create brand new effects
Once it’s done it is reusable forever
Automatic Soft Backup
User friendly Nodal Editing
Wrap it up
May we suggest?
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Photo Reactor is exactly that. A completely new way of dynamic photo editing with parallel processing flow where you can change anything at any time.






As you work on your image, you don't just edit that single image. You are automatically creating the editing "flow" or recipe that can be easily applied to any other images with just a single click.






A processed and exported JPG image will remember the editing effect that created it. The same effect can be later applied to any other image even if you no longer have the original project file. Just drag and drop it back to Photo-Reactor... This also solves the tedious task of archiving many different versions of the same effect. The image itself becomes the effect! If you like it, you can apply it to any other image. It is that simple.

One of the many great features is the process of encapsulation. If you create an effect that you like, you can just simply wrap it to a brand new effect. Then use it later as a single object.





The heart of Photo-Reactor lies in a well designed, easy to understand nodal editing. Unlike other nodal editing software where objects can have many different signals, we made it very straightforward. Simple input and output and everything can be connected together like blocks.





Effects can be applied from a previously exported image instead of the project file
Bundle with Reactor Player Photoshop Plug-in (WIN)


Run your created effects in Adobe Photoshop with the new Reactor Player  plug-in.



What’s new in 1.7: -Split screen on the output image -Film Simulator object (uses Hald CLUT)  with number of simulators included You can get Hald CLUT preset files from RawTherapee and Gimp See more
Version 1.7
new ! Over 50 different film stock and camera simulations
Film Simulator
Photo Reactor 1.7 Reactor Player 1.1
32-bit version here
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