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Dynamic Auto-Painter (DAP) digitally repaint your photos in the style of famous world masters such as Van Gogh, Monet, Benson, Corot and Cézanne. 


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Dynamic Auto Painter

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Version 5.2
Van Gogh
New Vincent
Dynamic Photo HDR
Digitally Signed
License is valid for both MAC and Windows version
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Windows 7, 8, 10
DAP 5.2.2b  (OSX 10.6+)
Transform your Photos and 3D renderings into works of art
Give your 3D renderings new life. Many 3D images can be made instantly more interesting when using some of the Dynamic Auto Painter presets.
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Please test the MAC version on your computer before purchase Updates: DAP 5.2.2b.dmg See Notes & History
Vincent Van Gogh
Camille Corot
Seurat (Monet Preset)
You don’t have to stick to the hundred+ styles the software comes bundled with. You can create your own templates by photographing or scanning your own brush-strokes or capturing them from existing art.
Dynamic Auto-Painter not only emulates the technique but also the way different painters would see the same scene
When viewed as a small thumbnail (left) the result still looks like a painting.
There is a large variety of styles from realism to impressionism that we added over the years. See some of the examples below. (all images are straight from our software without further processing)
You can also process 3D renderings or other digital art o create NPR (non photo realistic rendering) images.
Because DAP is not a filter, it may see the scene in an unique way and paint it with rather unexpected results.
Instead of processing pixels of the input photo, DAP uses the image as a guide and applies real brush strokes based on the works of famous classic painters such as Van Gogh, Monet, Sargent, Cezanne… to recreate from scratch your photos in each artist signature style.
See for yourself:
See for yourself:
What puts DAP above many other apps is that the output images will look like a painting both up-close and from distance (or resized down as a thumbnail). This is normally a common deal-breaker with standard filters which when sized down start to look back like a blurry photo.
See for yourself:
See for yourself:
The Canvas and Brush strokes can interact with the light creating a highly convincing painting even under very curious pair of eyes (and by curious we mean pixel-peeping) A whole part of the software is dedicated to adjusting material and canvas.

Years worth of styles

DAP can surprise you by how it can extract the essence of a scene in its own unique way. Most artists would probably pass on the photo above as a rather dull and lifeless source and unlikely a paint-worthy scene. But using Monet 3 preset DAP produced something completely different and unexpected with a whole world of colors!
We wouldn’t mind having this hanging in our office!.
“Dynamic Auto Painter can help real-world artists to get an inspiration as an invaluable fresh “pair of eyes”

Create your own styles

Expect Unexpected

Undeniably Painted

Dynamic Auto Painter

is not a photo filter
See for yourself:

Convincing details

See 3D in a new light

Fool the robot masters

Search engines would regularly mistake or suggest the images made with Dynamic Auto Painter as the real painting attributed to the artist who was the inspiration for the DAP preset.
Dynamic Auto Painter
“A completely unspectacular photo only later became an eye catcher..”
“Fun and useful tool for generating interesting images and learning about painting techniques” 
So next time if you see a painting by Monet, Gogh or Cezanne that you haven’t seen before, check twice!

How did this sneak in there?

“Dynamic Auto-Painter delivers brilliantly on its promise of real art in short order – and at an excellent price”                
Tom Arah, PC PRO

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